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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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was at the appropriations committee. >> the state budget is still a work in progress but not everyone is pleased. this is balanced through cuts, increases in fees, fund transfers. >> we can start by cutting the bonus for every state employee. we can cut the million dollars that we have put out for earmarks. there are lots of other places that we will have a cut. we don't need to put the public- funded abortions in there. >> there will be about $621 million that will be listed. this is tough medicine but this is indicated and needed. >> house republicans are concerned about of the borrowing capacity. under the house version, the state will begin charging counties to the minister of public employees retirement
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plans. the budget bill restores funding through cuts in other areas and increasing fees aren't vanity plates. democrats argue that this budget takes a bite out of the structural deficit. a final vote is expected by the end of the week. a number of tax increases are on the table. >> also an annapolis, the house passed a measure to restrict drilling for natural gas in western maryland pending the outcome of an environmental study. they're trying to revise a bill to develop offshore wind energy. the senate committee heard testimony on a bill to phase in a tax increase on alcohol. the tax act would rise from 6% to 9%.
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nato ships are patrolling the waters off the coast to enforce the arms of our go against libya. the coalition forces launched a fifth straight day of air strikes. we have the latest from washington. >> the president is facing sharp criticism from democrats and republicans including john boehner who sent this letter to the president questioned the president's role in libya. as the coalition forces to strike with cruise missiles, they headed home a few hours earlier than planned. hillary clinton urged muammar gaddafi to step down saying that he had lost its legitimacy to govern. >> the book is way for him to end this is to actually serve
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the libyan people. >> robert gates said the u.s. would turn over control as soon as saturday. the administration had a clearly defined and a game. >> there are any number of possible outcomes here and no one is in a position to predict them. it was tricky for the president. they did not feel like to receive proper notification. you have a big commitment that many people would like to explain. >> some say turning over control to an international coalition might not look good politically. >> everyone would like to think that we are in charge. when you have a commander in chief says that we will defer this to nato, that will allow them -- to get -- that will
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allow them to get beat up by a different set of critics. >> before you go, do we have any idea of what this is costing the u.s.? >> well, one analyst is putting the cost at more than $1 billion. the congressional research service says it depends on a number of factors including how long this operation lasts and how much other countries chipping in. >> thank you. a new video service on line of a bomb exploding near civilians and repose of that video on you can also explore the content and how we got there to begin with. parts of maryland are under a thunderstorm watch. some are under a tornado watch. tom tassel meyer has been tracking the storm.
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>> the storms have been quite strong. we have to keep a close eye on them. one line of thunderstorms you can see coming east of the mountains is moving in our direction. tornado warnings have been issued south of johnstown. in our region, we are keeping a close eye on the thunderstorm moving east of hagerstown. this storm system is showing some signs of rotation moving east that almost 50 miles an hour. there are some strong storms just west of us and there is this second line coming east of the mountains. the threat of severe weather will be with us through the early evening. the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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>> and baltimore police officer is facing charges that he sexually abused a minor. he allegedly abused a child multiple times between september and march. >> we stand behind the fact that we will hold our members accountable. again, this is an investigation that is outside of baltimore city and we are relying on the information provided. >> he is charged with sexual abuse with a minor, a fourth degree sex offense and assault. he has been suspended pending outcome. police need your help finding a purses of interest in the murder of a city employee. -- a person of interest in the murder of a city employee. from police live headquarters. >> police say they don't suspect this is drug-related.
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they say that the victim had broken away from a life of crime. >> they went out for the evening and something that occurred and turned into a tragic event. >> that is have they discovered the murder of the david mclaughlin. he got into an altercation with a group of people. four carloads of people followed them to the shell gas station. >> the victim was confronted and he defends himself and which point he is in an altercation with another individual whereupon another individual comes and stamps and numerous times. >> they are hoping that someone can identify the people of interest or help track down a minivan. >> we're asking anyone with
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information in regards to what went on may be at the club or maybe something that occurred at the gas station parking lot. >> his family says that after getting into trouble, he got his life together and was working to support his family operating a street sweeper with the department of public works. >> his friends, family, children need closure. please contact them. >> they are hoping that someone will come forward with information that will help police find whoever is responsible. if you have any information, you can contact baltimore city police. >> baltimore city police announced a gun seizures and arrests of a convicted felon. nearly one dozen weapons were seized. police say that to the suspect was selling the guns in the city and they were able to trace them back.
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the major pushes for tougher gun laws in annapolis. police have identified a teenager shot and killed yesterday. keon dobbs was gunned down at about 3 in the afternoon. police were questioning several people but right now, no arrests have been made. one person is dead after 8 to alarm fire in northwest baltimore. the fire broke out just before 11:00 last night. investigators say after searched the home and found someone unconscious on the second floor. that person later died. this loss of that fire is currently under investigation. the family of a college student last day, after he was hit by a car is suing the driver for $10 million. lawyers say that the 83-year- old violated traffic laws when
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she turned into his path when he was in the pipeline. the victim is unconscious in the hospital and he is an undergraduate student at hopkins university. police continued their search for a missing college students from maryland. he was not seen or heard from after leaving his apartment. they found his abandoned car about 40 miles away. he is a junior political science major at the rochester institute of technology. investigators said that this happened some time saturday night. someone knocked a statue off of its pedestal. if you have any information, you are urged to contact baltimore county police immediately. a baltimore county firefighter who died in the line of duty is
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remembered with a very special honor. >> one nfl star has a different spin on playing the game of football. you will see what i mean and sports. >> a severe thunderstorm watch in effect. strong storms moving in this direction. 45 at the airport, 47 at the inner harbor. inner harbor.
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honor. residents turned out to celebrate the anniversary of health care reform. the anniversary was marked by a health care where people could run in -- could get sick health screenings. -- could get health screenings. >> this is the significant bill we have had in the congress since i have been there for 50 years. >> the healthcare also offered workshops to explain the benefits and how it has helped maryland families and seniors thus far. >> now, your weather forecast. >> a line of thunderstorms moving east into parts of central maryland right now and showing some signs of weakening. this is tracking through northern frederick county.
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we have been keeping a close eye. be on the lookout in parts of carol and western baltimore county. there are a couple of lines of the storms off to our west. one line that is moving through our region right now, the second cuts across western pennsylvania and through west virginia. we are in for a bumpy evening. the ones up in pennsylvania have been quite severe those storms are weakening as they move into colder air. this is in maryland, pennsylvania. this is pretty heavy wet snow.
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this is a strong front coming through the region. the weather service has a severe weather storm watch in effect including carol. then there is a tornado watch. this is through parts of southwest virginia. this is a winter storm warning. so far, we have gotten by pretty easy. this should take the punch out of the storms as it comes to our region. 60, 70 just to the south. that is where the stronger storms are likely to form. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's in southern maryland. watch out where those temperatures start to warm.
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a line of heavy showers and storms coming right through baltimore. this is stretching down just east of b.c. the thunderstorms are gone but the cold air will comment. some of the brain could change over to sleet. 36-43 for the overnight low. the possibility of strong storms early. look at those clouds. those are the big thunderstorms blossoming along the frontal boundary. this will allow the pressure to come in the afternoon. the continuation of the cold temperatures, we will see a lot of sun. saturday, another storm is approaching from the south and west and this will also have some chilly air with it. some rain, what snow, sleet might get in. a chance for some mixed precipitation in the morning.
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even colder around deer creek. around the bay, some showers in the morning. it should get close to 50 on the afternoon. this is a mostly sunny sky, the high would be 56-57. even with sunshine, running well below normal. saturday night into sunday, another round of rain mixed with wet snow or sleet. >> on friday, -- plays milwaukee and they will head into that game as the most decorated team in the leak. pat morris was named to defender
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of the year today. danny kelly takes coach of the year honors. kelly says he wants a championship more. >> this is about our focused, disciplined. this is about stepping on the field and getting it done. that is our focus and we are looking forward to friday night. >> -- has a remarkable record as a coach but he does not get many points for his technique. he did it in an empty arena. that justifies him lecturing his own fans. >> we have a slow group of fans that assume that we will win, assume that we will get to the final four. the regular season was great.
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we have a tournament in hartford. you are asking them to do a lot. >> the washington wizards don't have a lot of great moments but they have the opening shot for the highlight. take another look, this is spectacular. this is all in one fluid motion. they still lost 1-11. the nfl player lockout forces each player to work out on his own to stay in shape. they began a four-day tryout. ocho knows that people make the team. it would be complicated if he makes the team and then the nfl lockout ends.
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>> with that said, i would have to leave. i probably would not leave any way. >> if he does not aggravate the bengals, you know will aggravate -- >> stay with us, tom is up with the seven day forecast.
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>> and baltimore city police officer arrested in hartford county on charges of child sex abuse. we have the latest proposal that will make your next adult beverage a bit more expensive. beverage a bit more expensive. this
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>> of your brother west of here. you might hear some under. -- severe weather west of here. highs only in the 40's with lows in the 20's. another round of rain and some wet snow saturday night into sunday morning. >> unfortunately, it started in reverse. >> that is a look at our news. thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news," with bri
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